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In addition to, you can now reach AnthroGlobe through ... AnthroGlobe is being reorganised as a wiki, which will debue soon. (in fact, becoming a wiki once more, which it was in 1996 when AnthroGlobe first appeared as a partner of the CSAC Ethnographics Gallery.)

Most Recent

Sergei Rjabchikov    Rapanui Proper and Place Names versus Rongorongo Texts

Sergei Rjabchikov    The Rapanui King Nga Ara and His Rongorongo School [PDF]

Floyd W. Rudmin    Acculturation Research Bibliography [file size 460KB]

Sergei Rjabchikov    Several Remarks on the Maya Script

Nitin Maurya     Fieldwork in Anthropology: reflections from working in Nicobars

Derek Hodgson     Tracings of the mind: the role of hallucinations, pseudohallucinations and visual memory in Franco-Cantabrian cave art

Floyd W. Rudmin    Debate in Science: The Case of Acculturation [links updated 11-6-2007]

Sergei Rjabchikov    Quasi-Bilingual Sources for the Decipherment of the Indus Script

Richard Koenigsberg    Aztec Warfare, Western Warfare: The Soldier as Sacrificial Victim

Richard Koenigsberg    Why Do Ideologies Exist:  The Psychological Function of Culture

Helen Kopnina and Patricia Brien    The World According to Vogue:  The Role of Culture(s) in International Fashion Magazines

Siendou Konaté     Alternatives to Globalism: Potential of African Local Cultures

Siendou Konaté     Discourses of Power and Gender: a Sampling of Things Fall Apart, God’s Bits of Wood, Changes: a Love Story, So Long a Letter, and Women at Point Zero

Siendou Konaté    Revue Critique de Maangamizi - The Ancient One ou A la croisée de l’Afrique ancestrale et la « modernité » ou le dilemme africain

Grace Keyes    Incomplete Enculturation: The Role of Hearing

Sergei Rjabchikov    A New Key to the Proto-Indian Writing System

Richard Feinberg    The Changing Role of Music in a Polynesian Outlier Community: Anuta, Solomon Islands

Edward Dutton    Meeting Jesus at Uni: Structure, Anti-Structure and Conversion Levels in Two Evangelical Student Groups

Christopher Fennell    Proximate Inventions

Edward Dutton    Ritual as a Broken Mirror: The Relationship Between Ritual and Grid/Group Analysis in Religious Groups

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