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The AnthroGlobe Journal

An initiative to broaden international electronic communication in Anthropology



Scope and Mission of the Journal


Last edited: 29 October 2005

Why on the internet?

  • The web is the least expensive medium for widespread publication for both production and readership.
  • Contributions may be updated and revised continuously.
  • Length restrictions do not apply in the same way as in other media.
  • Text, music, voice and photography (moving and still) may be used in the same contribution.
  • Material that is no longer current may be archived on-line for future reference.
  • Space considerations permit the wider use of translation.
  • Interactive comments and discussions are a natural part of the medium.
  • Dependent on support staff, rapid processing is possible. Publication is within days instead of months.
  • Support staff may be located throughout the globe instead of in one office.

The AnthroGlobe Journal cannot make maximum use of these and other features immediately. Initially its nature will be dependent upon the skills or otherwise of a small core of volunteers, who will learn and find other skilled help as contributions make demands.


The refereeing process is contrary to that used in most other journals. The Editor(s) will determine whether the contribution appears to be in the fields of the journal's competence, and whether it appears to be free of material that is offensive to scholarship and scholarly communication. In the case of doubt on any matter, the Editor will refer the article to the Board or to the signed-up membership of AnthroGlobe who act as ultimate advisors.

If this is insufficient to reach a decision, the matter will be referred to a panel of experts in the subject at hand.

Material will normally be presented to an Editor by electronic means and methods that enable editing to conform to the requirements of the web site.

Consult Guidance to Authors in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian for other materials.

AnthroGlobe will then design the material and place it at the web site in the journal.

Interactive discussion forms will be attached to the main contributions.


AnthroGlobe will not hold copyrights of original authored material, nor administer them. Creators of contributions, in submitting them, specifically agree that AnthroGlobe may use such contributions in AnthroGlobe's web pages, and that the Creators hold all relevant rights, and that the Creators, (not AnthroGlobe nor its Editor, members or advisers), are responsible in law for the consequence of any breach of copyright, infringement of agreements, or any liability whatsoever.

The Editor of AnthroGlobe believes that, normally speaking, Creators should always retain basic and moral copyrights to their work, and that when they submit material to any medium, and especially to print journals, Creators should NOT sign away their rights.

On the assumption that specific Creators have retained appropriate rights to their contributions to other media, AnthroGlobe will consider accepting material for electronic publication that has already appeared elsewhere. In making such submissions, Creators must certify that they do indeed retain the appropriate rights. If they do not, they must provide evidence from the original publisher of the material, or other copyright holder, that the copyright holder permits republication under AnthroGlobe auspices.

By the same token, many Creators have placed materials on their own, or other, web pages. AnthroGlobe will consider establishing links to such materials, listing them in the table of contents.

Publish or Perish?

Because of the special nature of the submission and commenting system, AnthroGlobe cannot answer for the judgments of appointment, promotion or tenure committees. We however, believe that, in the long run, the discussion and commentary feature of the journal will more than compensate for the absence of the opinions of anonymous referees. Thus we URGE ALL anthropologists to make a serious case to such committees to recognise the changing world of scholarly communication, and to take the discussions and commentaries into account when judging the academic merit of materials. Furthermore peer review will take place in the form of citations to the material. In case of doubt, committees should invite experts in the field to pass judgment on the quality of work published in AnthroGlobe.


Scholars are now invited to submit materials by first sending an email of enquiry and intent to any one of the Editors listed here.

AnthroGlobe will not rush into its full technical capacities, but proceed step by step on a learning curve. Please let the Editor know if you are willing and able to volunteer help.

On behalf of AnthroGlobe,

Cyril Belshaw, Acting Managing Editor


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